Stonelife Inc. will collaborate with you through a brainstorming session to come up with ideas for style, design and purpose of your project.  We will ask many questions during the initial consultation, but our primary intention is to listen. Our goal is to fully understand what you are looking for and how the space will be used.

We will also explore options, forms and textures and discuss functionality needs for your landscape.  During this time we will also discuss timing for the project and budget.

Site Analysis & Concept Design

After the initial consultation, our designers will do a complete site analysis and take measurements, enabling us to create a scaled drawing of the project. From there we review layout, structure and timing. Some of the most important decisions at the stage are initial materials, plant sizes and lighting; which will help shape our timelines and costs.

Design & Master Plan

Once a conceptual design is selected we start the process of developing the final plan.  We will assess all of the information gathered and our designers will strive to create a detailed design with your vision, style, and preferences in mind.   We will aim to blend the natural character of the space with the existing architecture of your home.

Presentation & Acceptance

Once the design process is complete, we will call and schedule a second meeting.  During this meeting, we will provide you with the finished landscape plan and agreement of acceptance.

Driveways, walkways, patios, and so forth otherwise known as “Hardscapes”, define a landscape by creating the skeleton that holds your outdoor living space together.  They create functionality while expanding the architecture of your home into the outdoors.  Different materials add colour, texture and dimension to bring a one of-a-kind elegance to your overall landscape design.

At Stonelife, we have the knowledge and expertise to help create a beautiful and functional hardscape design.   Our designers will work with you to ensure we have captured your vision and exceeded your expectations.

What’s your dream garden?  Do you want increased privacy? A garden that is easy to maintain?  The answer might be much simpler than you think!

Plants, trees, shrubs and so forth, otherwise known as “Softscaping”, brings together all the elements of your landscape architecture and is a key feature that will make or break any landscape.  You want to choose the right variety of plants to get the best mix of colour, shape, texture and fragrance – without going overboard.

Soft Landscaping, when done properly, can also have a positive effect on cooling your home in the hot summer and sheltering it during the cold winter months.  At Stonelife, we have the experts you need to create your dream garden that will completely enhance and beautify your outdoor landscape.

Bring your landscape into the night and get more enjoyment from your outdoor space with beautiful and dramatic landscape lighting systems from Stonelife.  Our designers can create a custom designed landscape lighting system that will best fits your needs and create a dramatic night-time environment.

A landscape lighting design is so much more than just fixtures, it’s about design and placement to create a dramatic look and feel.  A variety of lighting features can illuminate plants and structures, create striking effects or simply make it safer for you to get around your yard at night.  A beautifully lit landscape will add a warm ambiance to your home making it the perfect backdrop for entertaining in the evening, or just sitting outside enjoying a warm summer’s night. Garden lighting even draws night-time insects away from the seating area of your patio to reduce bites and stings.

Some lighting techniques we use are:


Casts light up onto a landscape feature such as a tree or arbor. The effect is dramatic and creates an entirely new look.

Accent Lighting

Illuminates low-lying landscape elements such as driveways, walkways, patios and flower gardens. Accent lighting helps you to see your way at night and increases security by adding more light around your home.

Silhouette Lighting

When large outdoor surfaces, like walls, are bathed in a wash of light, anything in front of them appears in dramatic silhouette.

Bring your landscape into the night and get more enjoyment from your outdoor space with beautiful and dramatic with landscape lighting systems from Stonelife.

No one can deny that the sound of running water has the most wonderful calming effect.  So just imagine de-stressing after a hard day of work in your own personal haven or sipping on your morning coffee with the peaceful sound of running water, and the tranquil singing of birds.  Why not recreate nature in your own backyard with the addition of a water garden, waterfall or pond.
Bring serenity to your backyard and give it a focal point that will enhance the time you spend unwinding and relaxing in your yard, while impressing your friends and family.  From smaller features to a full-fledged pond with a waterfall and aquatic life, there’s a soothing water feature to enhance your landscape design.

But, how do you know which one works for you? Get a free consultation from the garden pond experts at Stonelife Landscaping.  Stonelife can offer you the most up-to-date designs and know-how so you will have the best water feature for your landscape and lifestyle.
Contact us to discuss how waterfalls and ponds can enhance your landscape and soon you will be able to enjoy your backyard sanctuary.

Poolscaping encompasses all the landscaping aspects involved in your swimming pool surroundings.  There are so many things to take into consideration when it comes to the environment surrounding your pool such as bars, kitchens, cabanas, fire pits- just to name a few.

A custom design allows you to personalize your poolscape to meet your style, needs and desires…fun, relaxing, romantic- take your pick!  We at Stonelife will take a comprehensive look at all aspects around your pool area to create a personal haven right in your own backyard.

Call Stonelife today and turn your pool area into a focal point of beauty, enhance the enjoyment of your outdoor space and increase the value of your property.

Turn your backyard area into an entertainment retreat with a lounging and eating area or a refreshment bar along with a hot tub. Add a pergola or gazebo for extra shade and privacy, a trickling waterfall, an outdoor fireplace for those cool summer nights, and a patio area complete with bar, grill and outdoor kitchen and you’ll never have to leave your home for an exotic winter vacation.

Outdoor Kitchens marry function and style to make your entertaining experience complete.  Covered outdoor living spaces maximize the use for varied weather conditions while elements like outdoor fireplaces or radiant heaters add warmth at the beginning or end of the season.

Whatever your vision, whatever your lifestyle, we at Stonelife are the experts and we are here to help you!

Outdoor Kitchens (BBQ’s & Wood Ovens)

A modern outdoor kitchen design with a living area makes a wonderful extension to any home and can feature everything that an indoor kitchen has. It all starts with a vision, followed by a practical design focusing on each individual’s lifestyle, available space and budget.

Whether you’re looking for a simple grilling island with a small prep area or a fully functional kitchen. Perhaps you’d like an outdoor kitchen with features that enhances your style of cooking and wows your guests. Want a luxury outdoor kitchen?  We can design it for you with your favorite outdoor appliances.

Your well-designed and custom-built outdoor kitchen will not only keep the party outside – it will improve your outdoor living space and increase the value of your home.

Outdoor Fireplaces & Fire pits

There is no better way to bring warmth and cosines outside than with an outdoor fireplace or fire pit

The addition of a backyard fireplace or fire pit creates a relaxing ambiance and a great addition when entertaining guests.

As with living rooms, fireplaces can be dramatic focal points for outdoor rooms, and create natural gathering spots for entertaining and conversation.  They can be constructed to define a space, create scale and division and are often the design feature that dictate the feel of an outdoor room.  Furthermore, outdoor fireplaces add solid, measurable value to a home.

Outdoor fire pits also make stunning focal points for outdoor rooms with a different feel.  Where fireplaces can create a room-like space, fire pits are more reminiscent of a campfire.  Fireplaces divide and define space, fire pits are hubs or gathering points that space radiates outwards from.  Fire pits provide a primal kind of ambience and can be substantial heat sources and above all, fire pits encourage gathering.

Whether fireplace or fire pit, adding a fire feature to an outdoor space can drastically affect its feel and usability.